Benefits of an Online Education Versus Traditional

1 month ago Dustin Kim Comments Off on Benefits of an Online Education Versus Traditional

Travel – Today’s high gas prices make it more important than ever to factor in the costs to and from a traditional. There is also the wear and tear on the car and for many campuses having to purchase a parking passes.

Time Management – The less time spent driving to and from school and trying to find a parking spot allows to spend more time for studying.

Learn In Own Environment – A classroom isn’t the best place to learn. Learning online allows a student to pick the best environment towards earning a degree.

Set Your Own Schedule – Traditional campuses have set classroom times. Online schools are open 24/7 from anywhere. Working students can attend classes around their work schedules and parents can attend to their children’s need.

Learning Flexibility – Each student has their own unique way of learning. Some listen well, others are more visual and many learn by doing. Online education allows students to apply the learning methods that work best.

Communication – Students have many methods to communicate including chat rooms, forums, online discussions, instant messaging and email.

Make Friends – Online learning doesn’t have to be an isolated experience. Classes have group discussions and there is an opportunity to ask questions or assist each other through the classes.

Shorter Time to Graduate – An online education provides more time and allows a student to take on a greater class load in turn.

Less Cost for Materials – Internet based curriculum typically has more virtual options for tools, books, materials and resources.

No Room and Board – These expenses vary by area but they can be very costly and monthly costs are only one thing to consider. There are re-location and setup of new living quarters costs to consider and for the home sick student, a costly long distance phone bill. Traveling home for the holidays and summer can be expensive as well.

Other Costs – Incidentals add up quickly. The coffee before class, the meal at lunch, the snack from the vending machine, the occasional campus parking ticket, it all adds up very quickly.